About Janus Advertising


At Janus Advertising, our philosophy is founded on the principle that every company should have access to proper branding and web presence. Our company makes "big agency" resources available to small to mid-size companies for a fraction of the cost of using a large advertising agency. We do this by keeping our overhead low and working only at the highest level of efficiency. Our process is smart. Our people are among the brightest in our industry. So we can come up with the best solution for your business without batting an eyelash.* Using carefully developed project methodologies and processes, we create a consistent, efficient and effective experience for your business.


* Eyelash batting available upon request.

Heather Janus Traum


Heather Janus Traum founded Janus Advertising after spending 17 years in the "big agency" world. Working with some of the biggest names in advertising and marketing, she saw the industry evolve from print and media only, to a digital-first mentality. She knows the ins and outs of the agency world, has a large network of "agency peeps", and has a passion for both good branding and cool technologies. A hometown girl from Bucks County, PA, Heather created Janus Advertising to help small and mid-size businesses in her area improve their market presence. After all, why let "big business" have all the fun?


A graduate of Penn State University, Heather resides in Richboro, PA with her partner and many rescued animals.

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