SEO, Media and Email

Time to get the word out.

You're proud of your brand and what it stands for. (As you should be.) Now it's your time to shine. Go ahead, announce it from the rooftop. 

We've heard the pitches of the fly-by-night SEO companies. We've also done this for years, and know the real story. Janus Advertising proudly offers best practice content and website development processes, which help enable your site to climb up that all-important search page. Yes, it really is that simple.



From rich media banners to paid search, Janus advertising can help put your message in front of the right people. We'll tailor your creative and customize your media placements to get the word out so you can be in the right place at the right time.



As we continue to grow our online lifestyles, social media has become an integral part of most companies' marketing strategies. Where does your company stand in the world of online socialization and networking? We help you craft the perfect strategy for your company's social media approach and curation.



From print to radio to TV to billboards, the experts at Janus Advertising have nearly two decades of collective experience crafting impactful and successful ads for our clients. Let's see how we can help you create your very own spotlight.



Whether you're looking for a one-time email blast, a full campaign, or an email newsletter, Janus Advertising can help. Coded by the same experts that build our innovative websites, we make sure your emails are built and delivered safely into the right hands.